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Specifically designed for startup and
small ABA Therapy Practices


Behaviorsoft™ is now CR Essentials®

What is CR Essentials?

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Efficient reports and optional billing services through certified HIPAA compliant medical billing professionals.


Powerful calendar with collision of hours detection, automatically check remaining authorized time for a client.


Make payroll a breeze with our easy to understand payroll reports, billing and profit summary per owner.

Data Collection

Easy to understand forms that make data collection and sharing between assistants and analysts a simple matter.

Human Resources

Manage your staff, track their credentials, assign rates and keep track of comments and archived documents.

Documents & ESIGN

ESIGN & Military-grade encryption with backups for an efficient, HIPAA-compliant storage and sharing of documents.

Automatic Alerts

Stop chasing your Employees for expiring certifications and trainings, CR Essentials sends automatic alerts seamlessly.

Caregiver Portal

Caregivers can track their progress and the patients progress in an clean interface with access controls managed by you.