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Product Features

Focus on what matters, your patients!

Automatic STOs

Industry's first Smart STOs that automatically move depending on the data collected. BehaviorsoftTM Exclusive functionality!

Easy to fill Progress Notes

BehaviorsoftTM allows you to create professional and beautiful Progress Notes in a matter of seconds!

Electronic Signatures

Eliminate mountains of paperwork with BehaviorsoftTM ESIGN functionality!


BehaviorsoftTM tracks Authorizations' remaining units for each billing code configured for your client type. The system also alerts you when authorizations are about to expire!


Track Profit per owner and amount paid to contractors in an easy to understand display. Track medicaid-billed hours and more with BehaviorsoftTM billing functionality.

Simple Easy Forms

BehaviorsoftTM easy to use competency checks are a game changer when it comes to tracking the caregiver's progress!

Smart Contractor Alerts

BehaviorsoftTM Smart Contractor Alerts save you time from all the manual hassle of alerting your Contractors when Certifications or Trainings are about to expire.